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The Connected Mom Life

Nov 27, 2023

With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite gifts to give to all the people in my life – from neighbors, to coworkers, to teachers, to party hosts, to close family and friends. Listen in to gain inspiration for gift-giving ideas that are consumable, functional, personal, and can fit...

Nov 2, 2023

The holidays are a lot of things. They’re fun, stressful, full-of-wonder, intense, and everything in-between. But a few years ago, I found myself feeling more of the stressful and anxiety-inducing parts than the full-of-wonder parts and knew that something had to change. Since then, I’ve experimented with...

Oct 11, 2023

Popping in with a short and sweet update on the pod!



New Year, Slightly Adjusted Goals (+ My Word of the Year Dilemma)


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Take the...

Sep 11, 2023

The start of a new season is often an opportunity to reset, shake old patterns, and invest in some new things. But being prone to an all-or-nothing approach, I knew I wanted this transition to look a bit different this year. So, in an effort to not do a complete 180 from summer to fall, I adopted a mantra. It’s been...

Aug 7, 2023

All moms are superheroes. But how do some seem to make it look easy? While motherhood is nothing but easy, there are some keys to making it feel and look manageable (most days!). In this episode, I’m joined by author of Secrets of Supermom, Lori Oberbroeckling to discuss small practical strategies to implement that...